Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Northerner: February - March 2015

The Holidays are over, and we had a great Christmas Day and Dinner. I want to mention and give thanks to our very hard-working bartenders, Shirley and Grace, who will now be salaried; Thank You, Ladies, for all your dedication and hard work. As usual, to all our men and women who hold Post positions, I say Thank You, and also to all our volunteers. We are busy and active, so, may we always be blessed.
Michael Nigg

All current bills paid to date.
General Fund Account: $1569.23
Bingo Fund: $1010.09.
Membership Fund: $2503.22
Our bills are current but the general fund is day to day for bill paying
Betty Luther, Finance Officer

FROM YOUR JR. VICE: The post has had a very busy first six months of this legion year. As you may or may have not noticed there have been some changes made in the way business is conducted at the post. Most, of which, are for the better. Post activities are on the rise and are a lot of fun. I would ask that all members check the post web site for upcoming events. We are still looking for volunteers to assist with bingo and Friday Fish Fry. If anyone is interested please contact me via e-mail at I am sure that many of you have ideas or suggestions for events at the post. Please send them to the same e-mail address. Though it is the end of January it is time to think ahead for such events as Memorial Day for volunteers to assist with placing flags on veteran’s graves and the city observance ceremony at Citizens Cemetery at 1100. We hope to see you at the post and look forward to sharing in the good times. Ken Grover Junior Vice Commander, Past Commander and Kitchen Manager.

Please contact me for any events to be placed on calendar at 600-3338 anytime between 9am and 7 pm. I am also the person to speak to if you wish to rent the hall and am available to help plan Post functions.
Check the post calendar for upcoming events at the post. Please join us for the Fish Fry on Fridays and/or Bingo on Wednesday and Sunday to help support our post and its programs. Also, we have new events in February, like the Brickmania exhibition on Feb. 11th, and the Flagstaff Micro-Brewer’s Beer Pairing on Feb. 21st. Don’t miss these great additions to our regular schedule!
Mary McMillen
Events Manager
(928) 600-3338

Members of Mark A. Moore Squadron 3, we are in need of your help in upcoming events and meetings. The Squadron meets on the Second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 P.M. Please try and make one of the meetings and share your ideas and support the Squadron. The Squadron is helping out the Post with the Kitchen on Bingo Nights, so if you can spare a couple of hours please let me know. Become an involved member of your Squadron and support the Post.
William Peckham
Squadron Commander

Members of Mark A. Moore Post #3, please note that the Service Office is open to assist any Veteran that has questions about their V.A. Benefits or questions concerning your benefits. If you wish to make an appointment please call the Service Office at the Post. The Phone number is (928) 773-0084 Ext. 14. The Office is open every Friday from 11:00 until 2:00 P.M. Please call and make an appointment to see Edward Pennell, Service Officer. You can also contact Bob Reyes, Past Adjutant. He will be assisting Ed in the Service Office. He can be reached at the Service Office or via E-mail at He can also schedule your appointments to see Ed.
Ed Pennell
Service Officer

It takes more than 3% of the membership of any organization to make the unit function. Paying your annual dues is not enough. We need help to keep our Post thriving and moving forward. Please consider volunteering for Bingo, working in the kitchen during Bingo, helping out at the Friday fish fry, or attending the monthly Post meeting to see what’s going on. We need our members to be involved. For those who enjoy complaining and pointing out better ways to do things, I have an answer: STEP UP!
Also, if you or your organization have property stored at the Post, please make sure it is properly marked. We’re making lots of changes, and I don’t want to dispose of anyone else’s property by mistake.
Scott Woods

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