Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Northerner: April - May 2015

FROM YOUR POST COMANDER: I received an E-mail from the Department Commander, asking to submit a person for Volunteer of the Year. Of course, with our Post this is impossible. All of us are volunteers, and I can’t count or keep up with how many hours our regular members contribute. Whether you are retired or still working, volunteering here is a full time job. We lean on each other and help one another to make everything work. I believe our Post family is blessed, because we have faith in one another. We truly love our Post, God, and Country. We move forward, don’t look back or throw stones. So, with no disrespect to anyone, I submit all our regulars as Volunteers of the Year!
For God and Country,
Michael Nigg
Post Commander

From the Jr. Vice Commander I want to thank all those who helped to make this years Dept. Commanders’ Diner a success. All attendees really enjoyed the evening fare. Once again thanks to all. It is also appreciated that those sitting in the lounge and not actually taking part in the event were so cooperative with the TV volume being turned down from time to time. On the 4th of April an Easter egg hunt was held at the post and Wheeler Park. In May we will be busy at the end of the month getting ready to place flags on the graves of our veterans the Saturday before Memorial Day. As you know we are decorating a tree for the various holidays during the year. For Memorial Day we would like to place pictures of your loved one or friends who may have passed. Armed Forces Day we well be having the parade. There is a good chance that we will have a larger trailer to use as a float. Anyone interested in participating in the parade or any other post activity contact any of the post officers. April 14th is our monthly meeting; At this meeting we will start taking nominations for post officers. Nominations will continue at the following post meeting with elections being held at that meeting. Elections must be held prior to State Convention at the end of June. June 14th is Flag Day and a Retirement Ceremony will be held in the post parking lot. I trust everyone will have a safe and fun filled summer season and that all will be safe. Remember we will have our snow birds returning soon. Let’s be sure to give them a big welcome home.
Jr. Vice Commander

BINGO COMMITTEE: We are happy to say that we have been able to pay off all of the bills that we had inherited from the last administration. The Bingo is now making a profit thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Bingo Crew. We have a very dedicated group of Auxiliary members; Margret Jaramillo, Beverly Muns, Mary McMillen and the Post Finance Officer, Betty Luther, who works tirelessly making Bingo Night Specials in the kitchen. Our team has worked very hard to make Bingo a success, but we need some HELP. One or two hours a week or even a month would be a big help. Please help us to help the Post. Thank You All For Your Service
Robert “Mac” McMillen
Bingo Manager

MEMBERSHIP DUES: The 2015 Membership Cards are in and you can pay your dues for the following year at any time. You can either mail them in, pay on line or bring them by the Post. The dues are still $30.00 per year

LAST WORD: We have over 500 dues-paying members, but only about 15 people actually show up and DO anything at the Post. For instance, Bingo is a Legion function, yet it is being primarily run and supported by the Auxiliary. Similarly, the SAL’s ALLECA program has been manned and run by the Legion for the last 3 years because no one from the SAL except the Commander could find the time to show up. This is unacceptable and shameful. I have five words for those of you who criticize, complain, and critique, yet never find the time to actually assist: STEP UP OR SHUT UP! Meanwhile, the newsletter, calendars, and other info on upcoming events can be found on our website,
Scott Woods Adjutant


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