Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Northerner: August - September 2015

FROM YOUR POST COMANDER: Summer Greetings to everyone. I have to give thanks to everyone first that works constantly at our Post. We have and Ken Muns, along with Recon Steve who are redoing major plumbing work in our kitchen. We also have Shaun Eatherly as our new Vice Commander and Jake Phelps as Sergeantat-Arms and E-Board member. I thank them for their work and service to our great country. It's great to have Ken Muns as our Senior Vice and that young guy Shaun as one of our wonderful bartenders. We are blessed again to have Betty Luther as Finance officer and Scott Woods as Adjutant, big Sean as Judge Advocate and his family. Freddi Sweeney aka Thompson my personal darling and Bar manager. We have Mary McMillen as Events Manager and Robert (aka Mac) working all the time especially calling on our bingo nights. We also have Amy and Matthew beautiful offspring of our members doing the fish fry for us. Don't forget to tip these folks, they work very hard. Bev Muns has volunteered to be kitchen manager. God bless her heart. When we have our Bingo nights and fish fry it would really nice if our members who sit at the bar and do nothing take an interest for 1or 2 hours and help the Post out. I hope I left no one out. Thank you.
For God and Country, Michael Nigg

BINGO COMMITTEE: Bingo STILL needs volunteers to run the games AND work in the kitchen. The present crew is tired and in danger of being burned out. Please find it in your heart to come in and help, even just occasionally.
Robert “Mac” McMillen
Bingo Manager

From The Finance Officer: The Financial report as of July 20th: Our post is staying above water. The membership account has $1050.44. The Bingo account has $5108.74. The General operating fund has $2043.75. Thanks to all the folks who work so hard and together! :)
Betty Luther
Finance Officer

From the Auxiliary: Ladies, we are now starting our new year. We have new officers who are ready to get started.
President - Bev Muns
First Vice-President - Betty Luther
Second Vice-President - Mary McMillen
Secretary - Grace Thompson
Treasurer - Margaret Jaramillo
Chaplain - Rita Rodriguez
Sergeant-at-Arms - Karen Horn
Congratulations to all our new officers. We meet on Thursday night after the second Tuesday. Our next meeting will be August 13th at 6:00, then on September 10th. We are hoping for a new and exciting year. Please come and join us. Also, with the new year, it’s time to pay our dues for the coming year. Seniors are $25.00 ND Juniors are $7.50. So send them while you are thinking about it. Have a great day.
Bev Muns
Auxiliary President

From The Senior Vice: It’s that time of year again, the start of our new year. We have lots of new things planned for this year. First things first; It’s time to renew your membership. The dues will be going up in January, so save money and renew now, only $30.00. What a deal! Help us make our goal. Stop by and see what going on. Come by and play bingo on Sunday or Wednesday. Try the fish fry on Friday. We would love to see and bring your family and friends.
Ken Muns
Senior Vice

ELECTION RESULTS: Your new Post Officers for the year 2015-2016 are:
Commander: Michael Nigg
Senior Vice Commander: Ken Muns
Junior Vice Commander: Shaun Eatherly
Finance Officer: Betty Luther
Executive Committee: John Thomson,  Jacob Phelps Robert (Mac) McMillen
Sergeant-at-Arms: Jacob Phelps
Bar Committee: Sean Eatherly
Congratulations to all!!

SAL ELECTION RESULTS: Your New Officers for the 2015-2016 year are:
Commander: Scotty Sell
Senior Vice: Brady Budman
Junior Vice: Michael Brabeck
Sergeant-At-Arms: Jimmy Dublois

LAST WORD: The 2016 Membership season has started, and new cards are going out already. Please note, we’re going to be discussing RAISING MEMBERSHIP DUES, so stay tuned for more info, and, if you want to beat any increases, PAY YOUR DUES BEFORE DECEMBER 31ST!! Also, we’re going to be updating and likely changing the Bylaws, so if you have an interest in that process, please make yourself known and volunteer for that committee. Meanwhile, the newsletter, calendars, and other info on upcoming events can be found on our website,
Scott Woods

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