Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Northerner: October - November 2015

FROM YOUR POST COMANDER: Hello everyone, another year in full swing. Meetings and Ceremonies inside and outside of the Post. Our cookouts, Bingo and Fish Fry's are still moving forward. More work in the kitchen with the stove and hookups. Sean Kane does our electric work and landscaping. We have Shawn Owens, Scott Woods and Betty Luther taking care of the Post business making me look excellent!!! Bev Muns our great kitchen manager has the lovely and talented Deena as assistant in the kitchen and Bev is lovely and talented also. Ken Munds fixes many things in our kitchen and etc. We have Mary who does an amazing job as our events manager and along with her husband Mac working Bingo and calling.A big thanks to our Ladies Axillary and Son's of the American Legion for all they contribute to out Post. I thank everyone for their hard work and please other members, come forward and help out Your Post!!!
For God and Country, Michael Nigg

BINGO COMMITTEE: We would like to thank the new member of the Post family who have recently steped up to help during Bingo. Christina McGuire, Sean Golliher, and Nick Hozian have all pitched in, and their help has been awesome. We still need more help, both with the Bingo itself and the kitchen during Bingo, and all donations are gratefully accepted. Even if you can only spare one night a month, that would relieve the regular staff for an occasional break. This is important work, which supports a large percentage of the Post’s costs and events, and if the Bingo was to be reduced to one night a week because of staffing, we would lose a great deal of money. The Bingo Committee was happy to help out in paying for the recent repairs to the walkin cooler, which totaled over $2100.
Robert “Mac” McMillen
Bingo Manager

From The Finance Officer: The finance report as of September 21st is as follows: The General Fund: $640 Bar Fund: $418 Bingo Fund: $2665 Membership Fund: $1174.29. We have had large kitchen expenses this month. The walkin and the grill have both gone down and are being repaired. Come on out and patronize your Post #3!
Betty Luther
Finance Officer

From the Auxiliary: Hi ladies! Hope all of you had good summer and are ready for fall. Our first event will be the kids Halloween party. This will be on Halloween day, Oct 31st, from 11:00 to 1:00. There will be games, crafts, a costume contest and prizes. There will be hot dogs, cookies, punch and lots more. Bring the kids and enjoy the fun. Also put Dec. 19th on your calendar for the kids Christmas party. We will be having our Christmas Bazaar on Sat. Nov 21st from 8:00 to 4:00. If you are interested in a table call Mary at 600- 3338. The tables are $30.00 each or 2 for $50.00. If that's not your thing, just come and see what everyone has to offer. We be serving breakfast and lunch. We have a new chaplain. If you know anyone who needs to be remembered just give Cecilia Navarro a call at 213-0624. Our next meeting will be Thur. Oct 15th at 6:00. Love to have you join us.
Bev Muns
Auxiliary President

From The Senior Vice: Legion members, its time to step up and pay your dues while they are still $30.00. After the first of the year the dues will be $40.00. If anyone knows a person or persons who would be interested in joining the American Legion let us know. Don't forget to come to the Friday Fish Fry, Sunday and Wednesday bingo, Thursday football. We need your support.
Ken Muns
Senior Vice

My fellow Legionnaires, For the past 9 years I have been a volunteer in the capacity of transportation coordinator to assist veterans in getting to and from their medical appointments in Prescott, Phoenix, and Flagstaff. We currently provide services for 400-600 clients who live in Northern Arizona. Because I have has recent changes to my health, I find it necessary to step down from a full time volunteer status. This means I can no longer cover the coordinator’s desk Monday through Friday. I am appealing to anyone who is willing to step up to this voluntary position to insure that our veterans can continue to get transportation assistance to their medical appointments to receive needed treatment. As my health permits, I will assist any new volunteers in learning the coordinator’s position. Any volunteers please obtain an application packet from the DAV transportation office in the Post. Please help those who have helped us with their service to our country in the past. Sincerely, Karl Snider

LAST WORD: Many thanks to the crew (Ken Muns, Mike Brabeck, Wayne DeBons, Ron Kosola, and Steve Surface) who spent an entire day working on the kitchen stove. It was a dirty job, and someone had to do it. Also, in addition to the vote coming up on 13OCT15 regarding the dues increase, we have, with the help of Lyman Grover, a VERY astute volunteer from the NAU RSVP Program, developed a new Post Constitution and By-Laws, which we will be expecting to vote on in the December 2015 General Meeting. These documents will be available in the Post for review, and posted on the website shortly, so everyone who is interested can view them. Meanwhile, the newsletter, calendars, and other info on upcoming events can be found on our website,
Scott Woods

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